Our staff is dedicated to the following principles:

  • Meeting the current and future demands on child-care and education
  • Bridging inter-cultural gaps, based on respect and tolerance
  • Promoting a close co-operation between all persons involved in raising and educating the child
  • Treating nature and the environment with care and respect
KiddiesCare - Philospohy, Principles, Goals


Our staff is dedicated to help your children to:

  • Find their way into a globalised world, sheltered by the Swiss tradition and history
  • Learn tolerance amongst one another, as the foundation for a free and democratic society
  • Develop their individual talents by means of playful encouragement
  • Be holistically prepared for school entry


We achieve our goals by:

  • Offering an exciting and child-friendly environment
  • Following tested and modern pedagogic methods
  • Employing qualified English/German speaking personnel
  • Encouraging and supporting the continued education of our personnel
KiddiesCare Philosophy, Implementation, Nutrition


  • Our monthly menu plan, which takes into account regional and seasonal produce and reflects the cultural diversity of KiddiesCare, is available in advance
  • Children will be encouraged to develop a healthy attitude towards food, eating habits and manners
  • Food is neither a form of punishment nor reward
  • To encourage the unity within a group the carers sit together with the children during the entire meal, paying attention to a quiet atmosphere and to table manners