The "English Afternoon" and Holiday Care is open to all children in Kindergarten during lesson free periods or holidays. We offer a structured routine, be it after school or full-time during the holidays. In addition to providing meaningful recreational activities, the focus of our program is on the playful promotion of English, whether by specific age and ability appropriate lessons or activities, excursions, games and crafts.

Holiday Club


KiddiesCare caters for children with different educational levels and from diverse backgrounds ranging from native speakers to some who have limited or no prior knowledge of English.

Therefore, we structure the phonic lessons individually:

  1. Establish what the children already know and what their diverse needs, interests, experiences and abilities are.
  2. Form small groups (2 to 6 children) to accommodate the diverse range of knowledge and learning needs (groupings will be flexible and change as children’s needs change).
  3. Plan for and differentiate a curriculum to meet the different learning needs.
  4. Ensure that all children are engaged, motivated and encouraged.  
  5. Provide appropriate and timely support and feedback.


The respective program will be published before the holidays – like our Facebook page to be the first to know.


The KiddiesCare campus is also happy to offer third party holiday camps.

Currently, Masterplan AcadeME offers various camps for kids from Grade 1 onwards. For more information visit the Masterplan AcadeME website.


Switzerland’s leading children’s sports programme!

From 24 August 2018
Every Friday from 09:30 - 10:15
Ages: 2 - 5 years old
Contact: Nadine McGaw-Troxler - 077 446 37 82